I am oh so very excited. Last election, I watched with great interest as John McCain baThisttled Obama for the presidential nomination, and McCain lost :/ But THIS TIME AROUND…. Jessie gets to vote for the very first time. So OF COURSE my man will win!!!! Watching the GOP primary debates gets me so pumped and patriotic.

Michelle Bachman needs to hush. She’s annoying.

Newt Gingrich has been around too long, tainted by Washington.

Rick Perry is an annoying loudmouth.

Mitt Romney just rubs me the wrong way. He’s got a lot of experience… but he’s a class A politician. And there’s just something about him that seems so sneaky…

Ron Paul is super smart, especially with economic policies. But he is too old to hold the nomination :/

This leaves me with my two favorites…
Rick Santorum! He’s awesome. In the beginning of the debate, he seemed quiet. Although he had an admirable platform, he didn’t seem strong enough. But he picked it up and I like him a lot. From a Christian standpoint, he’s the best candidate for me to pick. He’s a Catholic who won me over from the get-go with the bold statement that America needs to protect the values of religious freedom and the importance of the traditional family unit. And once he got rolling, he called many candidates out on hypocrisies and showed that he has some good experience with foreign policy, and also showed his track record of remaining consistently Conservative throughout his career. IIIIIIIIII like him.

And then there’s HERMAN CAIN!!!! I think he is our best chance. He’s the founder of Godfather’s Pizza and has a long career behind him as a successful American businessman who hasn’t been tainted by Washington yet. He’s practical, he’s honorable (not attacking anyone else and keeping his mouth shut when necessary), he’s sarcastic and funny, he’s respectful, he’s got a bold stand on economic and immigration policies, and he’s black so no one can accuse the GOP of being racist. I think he could be the best for our country because he’s a fresh face with something new to offer, and he’s a successful businessman who has worked his way to the top and proved that he knows how to solve things. And how can you not like a president who invented PIZZA?!?!?!?!?!?

Gahhh, which one will I vote for? I will have to do some more research. But I have hope for the 2012 election :D Anyone else been keeping up? What are your opinions?

  1. bagelbitesofficial answered: Doesn’t really matter who you choose because, they will all lose. No offense. But without Christie the GOP has no chance.
  2. classylittlelady answered: i <3 herman cain.
  3. thatothersmaybelovedmorethani answered: your two are my two lol